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Operating since 2003

Elite Beauty USA ® is a quality online pageant produced by Pageant Emporium

Queen Spotlight

Brittany is a military spouse and advocate for military families. She is very involved in her community. She is a certified Post Mastectomy Fitter. In her free time she offers her services for free to women that have had a mastectomy. She helps them with their post-surgery wound care, and when ready she fits them for prosthesis.

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2015 Miss Spring Ambassador Queen:

Melinda Gonzalez

2014 Miss August Ambassador Queen:

Tenille Choi

2014 Miss September Ambassador Queens

Tenille Choi & Kevi Berger

2014 Miss October Ambassador Queen:

Kevi Berger

2014 Miss November Ambassador Queen:

Tenille Choi

2014 Miss December Ambassador Queen:

Brynn Jackson-Green


»Unique Pageant System that recognizes beauty in
various forms and rewards community service and
a commitment to excellence.

* Find an entry package that fits your budget.

* Enjoy the convenience of submitting your entry online.


The Elite Beauty USA® online pageant is a seasonal competition designed to assist contestants of all ages in developing self-esteem and acquiring valuable titles and competition consultation.

The fees are incredibly low. If you do not receive a title, you will receive an evaluation with ideas on how to increase your score and a chance to reapply FREE of charge!

Beauty comes in MANY DIFFERENT FORMS! Through the Elite Beauty system, an applicant can earn a title based on his or her physical beauty, past achievements, community involvement and/or the entry presentation.

2014 Schedule


Winterfest State Deadline: Dec. 5, 2014
Winterfest National Deadline: Dec. 20, 2014
Prizes will be sent by: Jan. 25, 2015

2015 Schedule

Spring Royalty State Deadline: March 5, 2015
Spring Royalty National Deadline: March 20, 2015
Prizes will be sent by: April 25, 2015

Summer Beauty State Deadline: July 5, 2015
Summer Beauty National Deadline: July 20, 2015
Prizes will be sent by: August 25, 2015

Fallfest State Deadline: Sept. 5, 2015
Fallfest National Deadline: Sept 20, 2015
Prizes will be sent by: Oct. 25, 2015

Winterfest State Deadline: Dec. 5, 2015
Winterfest National Deadline: Dec. 20, 2015
Prizes will be sent by: Jan. 25, 2016


*There is a rush option available on the entry forms if you would like to receive prizes ahead of schedule.


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